3 Tips on Making an Important Life Choice

Recently, I faced a life-altering choice between two career options. Here are the three things I did that most heavily influenced my final decision.

Waiting for What’s Next

I want the future to happen now. The problem is that God doesn’t participate in our accelerated culture.

5 Things About Faith and Bad Decisions

When we lack courage to fully embrace faith, we create the worst of both worlds: partly living God’s life for us, and partly trying to retain control.


A look at baptism and an attempt to figure out what I should do about my baptism issue.

The Key To Avoid Making Bad Decisions

The time of day we make a decision has great impact on the decision we make.

The Importance of Living Your Own Story

How three college friends helped me understand that everybody’s story is different, and part of growing up is owning your own.

Is Working at a Church Bad for Your Faith?

Why is it that working at a church is so draining on a person’s faith? Am I alone in this, or is there a strong correlation between giving yourself away in local church ministry and struggling to maintain an active connection with the God of the universe?

What God Told Me While I’m Waiting for An Answer

Faith is about action and faith is about waiting. Learning how to manage both has a lot to do with peace.