How to Gain Self Confidence as a Creative

Open Journal with Pen

Successful creatives have a distinctive style. How do you learn to find your version?

New Trends in Church Media

Some thoughts on developments in the church media business, and concerns about sustainability.

Recognizing the details

Most people don’t just come out and tell you how they are feeling. But they have a story, and sometimes it is reaching a climax right there when they are silently standing beside you. Ministry–life–is paying attention to a person’s story.

What God Told Me While I’m Waiting for An Answer

Faith is about action and faith is about waiting. Learning how to manage both has a lot to do with peace.

The Secret to a Successful Creative Career

A case study of 20 famous film directors reveals only one common attribute.

5 Awesome Quotes on The Power of Storytelling

These five quotes from writers capture glimpses of the power and truth of storytelling.

There Are Only Seven Stories in the World

A Jumble of letters

Are there really only seven stories? Here’s a look at the basic narrative archetypes.

Highlight Reels

Film Reel

After it is lived, life gets stored in our mind as a series of film shorts, like clips to be replayed when the mood fits. What do you have planned in the days and weeks ahead that is highlight reel worthy?

5 Things On Afflictions and Addictions


Here are five things that occurred to me one morning earlier this week as I read of the man possessed with demons from Mark 5.