One Way to Start the New Year with More Peace About Your Future

Another thought about planning and productivity, which is a theme for the month. This one is a bit counter-intuitive: it’s the idea that every day brings only one new thing.

If The Goals You Set for the New Year Fail, This Could Be Why

As I dream about the new year, I have realized there’s one mistake I need to avoid making: the reason most goals don’t work is not that they’re too big. It’s that they’re too vague.

5 Steps to Conquer the Clock and Free Up Some Valuable Time

According to a recent Huffington Post poll, only 13% of adults have sufficient time to accomplish what they want. Of course you don’t have enough time. No one does. But you can make the most of what you have with these 5 techniques.

After: How to Find Your Passion For the Next Thing

The beauty of goals is that they make success concrete. But what happens after?