5 Rules for Work: What it Takes to Get More Creative

Coming up with creative ideas isn’t magical. It’s a skill to develop. Some people have been working on it for a long time, like TV Producer Shonda Rhimes. Here, she highlights 5 quick tips for creative productivity in the middle of a busy life.

The Creative Process, in a Nutshell

You need creative inspiration. You strain and stress. You Google the competition. You look through old notes. You feverishly pray. None of these methods work all that well. How do you find inspiration? Here’s what I have learned after years of thinking on creativity.

Here’s What I Do To Avoid Losing Good Ideas

Those random thoughts you have might be good ideas in gestation. Don’t lose them! If you don’t write everything down, how will you know later if it was any good?

You`ve Got to Teach Yourself to Spot a Good Idea

Good ideas are everywhere. The trick is learning to separate the gems from the dirt.