Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches, 2017 Edition

How do churches grow? The best way to know this question may be to look very closely at churches that are growing the best. Learning from other good ideas, or what’s called “Small I” innovation, can help. But in my annual list of the top 25 fastest growing churches, most don’t just practice Small I – they pursue Big I innovation, which is something totally different.

Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches, 2016 Edition

Deep in the roots of United Methodism is a call to grow churches. In the midst of an identity crisis, the United Methodist Church would do well to remember its origin as a church growth movement. These 25 congregations from the 2016 edition of growing churches offer a lot to learn from.

Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches, 2015 Edition

While not all growing churches are healthy churches, healthy churches grow, because growth isn’t the goal; it’s the outcome. Here are 25 of the most innovative churches in the United Methodist Church today. What can we learn about creativity and innovation from these impressive congregations?

How Jesus’ Two Marketing Strategies Conflict

Jesus’ two strategies make sense in theory but often clash in practice. Worse, Jesus didn’t always seem to adhere to them. What’s going on?

How Jesus Marketed to Disciples

The goal of any communicator is to achieve the plainspoken nature of deep teaching. But how do we get there?

How Jesus Marketed to Crowds

Usually, when dealing with newcomers, the common thinking is that you’re supposed to create simplified explanations. Wrong.

Stop Trying to Get People To Pay Attention

Changing hearts and lives doesn’t start with your great idea. It starts with the situation of the people you’re trying to help.

Jesus Had a Marketing Strategy

In addition to communicating about Jesus, what if we began to communicate like Jesus?

Why The Package Matters

When we decide if we like something, we don’t decide in a vacuum, but in a multi-dimensional environment that encompasses all of our sensory experience.

The Danger of Creative Leadership

If there’s a high turnover rate in your teams, that’s not because you can’t find good people. It’s because you need to be a better creative leader.