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    5 Ways Creativity is Essential to Your Christian Discipleship

    If we want to make disciples of Jesus Christ, it’s essential that we understand the relationship between a teacher and a disciple. What better way is there to accomplish this than to model our disciple-making process after the original disciple maker, Jesus?

    5 Ways Creativity Will Make Your Worship More Meaningful

    I didn’t know it at the time, but for about five years I was blessed to be part of a singular experience designing worship. We didn’t think what we were doing at our church was special; we were just having fun and making stuff. But the impact was far reaching. Here are five sustainable ideas from that experience that are more relevant today than ever.

    5 Ways Creativity is a Part of a Healthy Church

    My favorite image of the Body of Christ is a symphony orchestra. In Christ’s Body, each of us has a part to play, and our conductor is God’s Holy Spirit. The trick is to find your part. When you choose the right instrument, develop your skills, and contribute your talents to the common score, and everyone else does the same, the result is pure beauty. A finely-tuned symphony is like a healthy church. Here are five ways creativity, and the art of playing a part, are key.

    Presenting… The Trailer for My Book Think Like a Five Year Old

    This is the trailer for my book, Think Like a Five Year Old. My kids are my little geniuses, and my friend Ron Dawson shot and cut it together. To learn more about Ron’s work, visit daredreamer.net.

    Why We’re Missing the Mark on Metaphor and What To Do About It

    If you’re like me, you were educated to make an argument by framing a proposition with statistical and anecdotal supporting evidence. While facts aren’t bad, the key to powerful communication is not analysis but the use of metaphors common to shared community life.

    5 Reasons Why Your Church Needs to Be More Creative

    Creativity is perhaps the hot topic of the decade. More and more people are exploring the generative power of creativity, including in church life. Consider these 5 reasons creativity can benefit your church.

    How To Create Great Things: Find a Structure

    Identify a favorite writer and study from her or him. Ruin your romance and figure out what hooks you. And then apply whatever structures you spot to your own next work.

    How to Create Great Things: Ruin the Romance

    If you create something, you want it to find a home in the wild. You want your baby ideas to grow up and have influence. It’s why you raise them! But for them to live well on their own, you need to understand this critical aspect of the market.

    4 Reasons This Worship Story Charmed My Church

    These lessons on why this short film, produced for worship at my church, worked so well extend to any storytelling you hope to do at your church.

    Join Me on a European River Cruise and Reclaim Your Creativity

    Join me on a European river cruise, discover the beauty and history of the Dutch and Belgian waterways in the spring, and reclaim your creative wonder. I am headlining a European river cruise sponsored by EO Tours on April 2 – 10, 2016.

    I’m thinking about how hard it is to turn great new ideas into lasting innovations

    We have ideas, but we usually can’t see them through to the end. It’s a big problem, and I am thinking about writing my next book on it.

    How to Overcome What Happens After Your Project Is Done

    With the release of a book, I am hearing my share of congratulations and well wishes from people. A couple of really honest colleagues have shared their intense envy that a book exists in the world with my name on it. But I am wary of accolades, because I believe they are damaging to creativity.

    How to Use Storytelling To Make Your End Result Great

    If you want your big idea – your sermon, talk, presentation, film, video, marketing campaign, you name it – to resonate with the ones to whom you’re communicating, you need to learn what makes for a good story and how to apply it to any situation.

    Do This Thing First: Creativity According to the Bible, Part 4

    My new book Think Like a Five Year Old is undergirded by a theology of creativity. I am highlighting and expanding on some of the biblical passages that form the basis for the book, telling the story of God’s promise to us for a more creative life in Christ. Here’s the fourth entry in the series.

    5 Tools to Launch Your Creativity This Summer

    A lot of us have ideas. The problem is learning to clear enough of life away to capture, remember, and use them. These five tools helped me to learn how to capture this hum, which has exponentially increased my creative output.

    Unlearn Your Current Patterns: How to Find a More Creative Life 3

    My new book Think Like a Five Year Old is undergirded by a theology of creativity. I am highlighting and expanding on some of the biblical passages that form the basis for the book, telling the story of God’s promise to us for a more creative life in Christ. Here’s the fourth entry in the series.

    5 Ways Colleagues Can Stimulate Your Creative Output

    Since people are both central to creative practice and a major stumbling block to creative practice, I’ve come to realize that the thing that separates the majority who carry unfulfilled dreams and the few who possess an unusual ability to get things done is strong relationships. Learning to lead and work with others is the most important variable for a creative person’s success.

    Consumption is Killing Your Mind: How to Find a More Creative Life 2

    My new book Think Like a Five Year Old is undergirded by a theology of creativity. I am highlighting and expanding on some of the biblical passages that form the basis for the book, telling the story of God’s promise to us for a more creative life in Christ. Here’s the second entry in the series.

    Pre-Launch! 5 Ways to Help Others Think Like a 5-Year-Old

    I believe my new book can help people learn their creativity story: what they once had, how they lost it, and how to get it back to create great things. Help me share the story of this book with others and maybe make the world a little better. Oh, and get two chapters for free!

    How to Find a More Creative Life (According the Bible) – Part 1

    My new book Think Like a Five Year Old is undergirded by a theology of creativity. I am highlighting and expanding on some of the biblical passages that form the basis for the book, telling the story of God’s promise to us for a more creative life in Christ. Here’s the first entry in the series.

    Bob Dylan’s 5 Ways You Can Reclaim Lost Inspiration

    In the book, I define creativity as having fun and making stuff. The problem for many of us is that we used to do it without thinking, and now we can’t find that same spark to save our lives. As Dylan said, we’re an empty, burned out wreck. There’s perhaps no worse fear to an artist. How did these iconic musicians rise from their discomfiture and recover their spark? Here are 5 crucial things you can do to find your missing inspiration, keep making stuff and having fun.

    My 3 Part Plan to Help Church Become More Meaningful for People

    This blog exists to live out a life mission statement I’ve followed since I was a young student, frustrated with the esoteric language and symbols of the church. I have dedicated my career to helping the local church improve its ability to tell the story of Jesus. Here is why I do what I do and the core commitments I believe can make a difference.

    5 Encouragements for Dealing With Resistance to Your Creative Ideas

    Leading others through change isn’t for the weak. Here are five encouragements for dealing with resistance to your creative innovations from the rise of the paperback book in the mid-20th century.

    Join Me For The First Keynotes on My New Creativity Book

    The last week in June will be my first opportunity to present a set of talks related to my new book, Think Like a Five Year Old, and the study and research I’ve been doing on creativity and the life of faith and church over the past few years. I’d love for you to join me. Every registrant receives a free copy of my book.

    Creative Works: How to turn a dated church campus into a canvas for storytelling

    Creative Works is a blog series devoted to turning creative ideas into complete innovations. Every space tells a story. if you’re not intentional, the story your space tells about you may not be a good one. Here’s how I gave a dated church facility a facelift and made the walls a canvas for storytelling.

    5 Ways Creativity Can Transform the Mission of Your Church

    Instead of handing out goods and services to meet people’s needs, what if we were to give them dignity and self-sufficiency by helping them realize the good things God gave them to do with their lives? Here’s how to use creativity to transform the work of the church.

    Test the Feasibility of Your Dream Idea With These 5 Questions

    Sometimes, knowing if your great idea is the right idea can be hard to figure out. How feasible is your creative thinking, anyway? Here are some tests to figure out if your good idea is worth pursuing.

    You Were Once a Creative Genius

    You were once a creative genius. Discover what you once had in the beginning, how you lost it, and how to get it back in my new book Think Like a Five Year Old. Reclaim your wonder and create great things.

    Got a Great Idea? Here are 5 Things To Do To Get Started

    In the past week I’ve had several people tell me of their aspirations to create something, whether a new product or service, a book, a new business. If you have a dream and want to know how to turn it into reality, here are five ways to cultivate your idea.

    8 Encouragements for Creative Thinkers From the Man Who Changed 1900 Years of Church Tradition

    Creative thinking and innovation is hard anywhere, but especially so in an institution that turns daily practices into sacred rituals. Church innovation in particular isn’t for sissies. Here are seven encouragements from the man who changed a tradition 1900 years strong. As with many creative inspirations, it began with frustration.

    Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches, 2015 Edition

    While not all growing churches are healthy churches, healthy churches grow, because growth isn’t the goal; it’s the outcome. Here are 25 of the most innovative churches in the United Methodist Church today. What can we learn about creativity and innovation from these impressive congregations?

    How I Find Time to Create: My Best Secret for Productivity

    People often ask me how I have time to write books and blogs when I have a busy job with lots of responsibilities and raise four children. It starts with the pretty boxes. It’s my secret, or life hack, for Getting Things Done with multiple people and tasks competing for my attention.

    The Myth of the Blinding Flash

    Eureka moments don’t happen to the madcap lone genius in his studio. The myth of the blinding flash isn’t helpful because it persuades us to not do the daily work. The way to overcome this myth is through Input. Make daily exposure to new ideas part of your creative routine. Your mind cannot sift and recombine ideas—a process known as “Incubation”—if you don’t first put in the hard work of giving it new material to work with.

    If You Want to See Creativity in Action, Look At the Bible App on Your Phone

    We get it backwards. We only look at outcomes. That’s God’s job. Our job is to make. Creativity that ships – also known as innovation – is the goal, not size or growth, and most of the time that means we have to start small and lonely and with risk and resistance and with few resources.

    8 Brilliant Insights About Story From Robert McKee

    Story isn’t a flight from reality but a vehicle that carries us on our search for reality. That’s just one of eight truths from chapter 1 of Story, by Robert McKee. No other book about story should take precedence over this bible of narrative. The credentials that trail it around, while impressive, don’t begin to do justice to its inspiration.

    The Myth of the Right Brained Thinker

    The myth of the right brained thinker isn’t helpful because it suggests that we’re either hard wired for creativity or we’re not, and also because it suggests that the only kind of creativity is that which is related to artistic expression. Creativity is just as possible in electrical engineering as it is in songwriting or the culinary arts. Every one of us is capable of creative ideas.

    3 Characteristics of Creative Innovation

    True innovation, as opposed to the person tinkering with a creative idea, is difficult to achieve. Innovation is creativity, applied to solve problems, and it becomes innovative when it becomes influential. Here are three characteristics to look for in a trend-setting innovation.

    How I Got Rid of the 24 Page Bulletin

    When I started as Creative and Communication Director at Peachtree, the church was producing 24-page bulletins in weekly worship. How could I get rid of this old albatross? The problem was, I couldn’t kill it right away, because the congregation was dependent: it was the main way the church communicated. If I killed it, people would have no way of knowing what was going on. So here’s what I did.

    Growth isn’t the goal; it’s the outcome.

    Change that works isn’t a trend to adopt or a technique to add or a committee or staff person to acquire. Innovation comes from within, from our inherent creativity. When our focus is on making something new, innovation is what happens. To be creative, to innovate, is to be a change agent. The result is change and growth.

    What Is Your Best Innovation of 2014?

    What is the best new idea you’ve been a part of in 2014?

    How I Narrowed My Focus for 2015

    The tool I used to discover how I should focus this blog.

    If The Horse is Dead, Dismount

    All organizations tend to ride dead horses until it is too late. But the church is worse, because we make our old ideas holy.

    What the Bible says about creativity

    Did you know there’s a verse in the Bible that talks about creativity?

    Peachtree Stories: Christi Paul

    Storytelling takes on many forms in worship. Here is one example of a short film used as a sermon illustration.

    The Reason Your Kids are Bored at School, Your Work isn’t Significant, and You Don’t Remember Sunday’s Sermon

    Why we desperately need to build a culture of creativity.

    Isaac Asimov on creativity

    A previously unpublished essay on creativity by renowned sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov has just seen the light of day. I’ve highlighted two short lists for creative thinking.

    Is This Your Final Answer? What Happens When We Insist on a Definitive Solution

    In our church life and in our personal life, we like to search for the final answer. We skip the movie and go right to the criticism and review. We want the explanation – it’s easier, faster, and seemingly “final.” But when we do this, is there something we lose?

    How Many of These 10 Problems Do You Experience In Church?

    The key to vitality is to move yourself and others from consumption, where we are conformed to patterns of decline, to creativity, where we are transformed by our God-given impulse and calling to make things new.

    What’s your story?

    The question, “What is your story?” is one of the most important things you can ask somebody. It says a lot about a person’s spiritual state.

    Stop Looking to Habits of Famous Creative People

    If creativity is part of the essence of what it means to be human, is it something we can easily distill into a simple list of 10 tips and tricks?

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