You Were Once a Creative Genius

NASA Command Center Apollo 13

You were once a creative genius. Discover what you once had in the beginning, how you lost it, and how to get it back in my new book Think Like a Five Year Old. Reclaim your wonder and create great things.

The Story Behind My Peachtree Decision

For inquiring minds, here’s the story behind my decision to move to Atlanta and join the staff of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.

I am Returning to Local Church Ministry!

I am excited to announce that I have accepted an executive creative and communication role at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA.

Truth, Story and the Mystery Box

Story is much more than a neat illustration of truth. Story is truth itself.

A creative worship concept for Easter

Stained: We are all broken images of God’s creation, dependent on the light of Christ to illuminate us.

Ways to Use Story in Worship

This unpublished excerpt from my book Digital Storytellers explores the story of Peter and ways to connect biblical story to our lives in worship.

In Art and In Life, What is Character?

Character is the incarnation of story. Every story tells of a character change. Here is how one definition of character, a person in a story, aligns with another definition, the set of values we carry. It all makes sense when seen from the perspective of God’s story.

One Great Way to Make Your Church More Missional

Simple 1-2minute video clips highlighting the church’s missional activity give the congregation specific handles on where their money is going. They also connect people with ministry activities, advertising what otherwise may never be known; they keep the focus on the world outside the church walls; and if done well, they inspire.

Three Things About Wired Churches

The Wired Church 2.0

Being a “wired church” is really about understanding how technology relates to our attempts to communicate the gospel.

5 Things About How a Person Experiences Your Message

Here’s a five part typology for the way a person experiences your message. If you want your message to be heard, consider the forms of experience.

The Importance of Living Your Own Story

How three college friends helped me understand that everybody’s story is different, and part of growing up is owning your own.

Recognizing the details

Most people don’t just come out and tell you how they are feeling. But they have a story, and sometimes it is reaching a climax right there when they are silently standing beside you. Ministry–life–is paying attention to a person’s story.