An Example of How to Exegete Image in Worship

The root word for religion is the same root word found in ligament. A ligament is connective tissue that holds two body parts together. In the church, we are the body of Christ and our religion is the connective tissue that holds us together. What if you were to build a worship service around this image? Here’s a quick brainstorm about how that might look.

Why We’re Missing the Mark on Metaphor and What To Do About It

If you’re like me, you were educated to make an argument by framing a proposition with statistical and anecdotal supporting evidence. While facts aren’t bad, the key to powerful communication is not analysis but the use of metaphors common to shared community life.

eBook Reviews for Church Creatives Pt 2: The Guidebook for Visual Worship

The Guidebook for Visual Worship is ideal for both the artist and technologist, each of whom is looking to the deeper issues involving visual arts and technology in worship, while also maintaining the practice of ministry.

eBook Reviews for Church Creatives Part 1: The Wide Guide

The Wide Guide is an ebook on the multiscreen stage movement in worship, specifically designed for creatives, video technicians, producers and stage designers.

5 Lessons on Using Digital Technology in Church

The following is excerpted from my book, The Wired Church 2.0.

5 Ways to Crush a Creative Spirit

To totally ruin your creative person’s morale and drive to succeed, simply employ these five simple techniques.

4 Models for the Creative Arts in Church

There are four different models for how churches approach what is commonly called the creative arts. I list them here in increasing order of artistry and effectiveness.

Another Big Announcement

I am writing a book on the “message” and how to craft it.

Powerful Films in Worship

The rise of the DSLR camera has created an exponential increase in the quality of locally produced short films for worship.

New Trends in Church Media

Some thoughts on developments in the church media business, and concerns about sustainability.

Three Things About Wired Churches

The Wired Church 2.0

Being a “wired church” is really about understanding how technology relates to our attempts to communicate the gospel.