Help the Message Make the Journey

In church we’re taught about the power of the Holy Spirit when we share a message. In seminary we’re taught about the importance of theological integrity when we share a message. What we’re not taught, and what we desperately need, is a deeper understanding of the influence of our communication – our language, symbols, and signs – when we share a message.

Nine Tips for Making a Killer Presentation

Len Wilson Worship Arts

Nine tips for making killer presentations I’ve learned from the hundreds of presentations I’ve given.

How to Find Good Stories for Your Church or Organization

The concept of organizational storytelling is stronger than ever. The challenge is not belief but practice. How do you find good stories to tell? (This is an adaptation of a previous post with updates and changes.)

Do You Make This Crucial Creativity Mistake?

The purpose of creativity isn’t illustration, as humor, interlude, or a setup to “the real point.”

Two Powerful Lessons for More Effective Communication

These lessons apply to anyone who creates something, from artist to speaker to filmmaker to writer.

The Four Types of Stories in Worship and Preaching

How to weave a variety of stories and elements together to tell a single story in worship.

The Epiphany That Saved Apple and How it Can Help You

The discovery that altered Apple’s communication, and how we can learn from it as we craft our messages.

Think Different: How to Craft a More Creative Message

A key to a more creative message is learnable; it lies with a different kind of thinking.

Another Big Announcement

I am writing a book on the “message” and how to craft it.

Why design is essential to effective communication

Most dismiss design as the icing of a core object or idea. That’s a mistake.

The Demise of the Attractional Church is Greatly Exaggerated

The conversation about attractional and missional church movements is far from over. Is it even asking the right questions?