What Is It Like to Work as a Church Creative?

Is being an in-house Christian creative pro a more fulfilling life than being a secular creative pro?

Invite Me to Your Conference or Seminar Gathering

Len Wilson Worship Arts

In over twenty years as a church creative, I’ve developed a theology and practice for creativity in ministry. I’d love to share it with your next gathering.

Stop Trying to Get People To Pay Attention

Changing hearts and lives doesn’t start with your great idea. It starts with the situation of the people you’re trying to help.

Why Most Visual Art in Worship Isn’t Really Art

The off-hand tweet that has illuminated my thinking about the visual arts in church.

5 Ways to Crush a Creative Spirit

To totally ruin your creative person’s morale and drive to succeed, simply employ these five simple techniques.

4 Models for the Creative Arts in Church

There are four different models for how churches approach what is commonly called the creative arts. I list them here in increasing order of artistry and effectiveness.

Wanted: Full Time Digital Artist

I am looking for a digital artist to help me create a storytelling culture at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. Who’s in?

The Doctrine of Design 1: How to Quickly Improve Your Website

In the first post of a new series called The Doctrine of Design, I look at how the Pareto Principle can improve your website traffic patterns.