A Change in Communication Systems is Changing What It Means to Be Church

“Missional church” is really a synonym for post-print church. What?! If you want insight about the clash of values and theology in our current culture, start with a look at how we communicate.

Alan Hirsch And The Missional Church

The definition of what it means to be missional, according to a recent keynote from noted author and thinker Alan Hirsch.

The Demise of the Attractional Church is Greatly Exaggerated

The conversation about attractional and missional church movements is far from over. Is it even asking the right questions?

One Great Way to Make Your Church More Missional

Simple 1-2minute video clips highlighting the church’s missional activity give the congregation specific handles on where their money is going. They also connect people with ministry activities, advertising what otherwise may never be known; they keep the focus on the world outside the church walls; and if done well, they inspire.