5 Rules for Work: What it Takes to Get More Creative

Coming up with creative ideas isn’t magical. It’s a skill to develop. Some people have been working on it for a long time, like TV Producer Shonda Rhimes. Here, she highlights 5 quick tips for creative productivity in the middle of a busy life.

My Word For the Year Is a Plea To Recognize Our Most Precious Commodity

Presence is a plea to recognize the fleeting nature of this life and to fully appreciate the scarce and valuable commodity of time, and to be able to purposefully waste time on activities whose value isn’t easily quantifiable, which don’t serve immediate needs and which don’t add to the bottom line. Creativity depends on it.

If The Goals You Set for the New Year Fail, This Could Be Why

As I dream about the new year, I have realized there’s one mistake I need to avoid making: the reason most goals don’t work is not that they’re too big. It’s that they’re too vague.

How I Narrowed My Focus for 2015

The tool I used to discover how I should focus this blog.

The Two Things Every Great Creative Project Must Have

A simple Venn diagram that summarizes the greatness and challenge of every great creative work.

The Half Life of Your Work

Why the worst thing for a creative is to bask too long in the glory of something you’ve done.

This App is Saving My Tail Right Now

A simple little app that is keeping me above water while I get settled in my new GA world.

Creative Work Habits

Creative people have indigenous work habits – peculiar maybe, to the outsider, but natural to the creative person.