3 Examples How Unique Weekly Art Makes A Sermon More Compelling

Many churches that preach in sermon series create a single brand image for the duration, which is often six-eight weeks. I prefer to give each series a family of unique images, one per week, all related to the core theme. I describe it to people as the weekly work of art. Here are three examples.

An Example of How to Exegete Image in Worship

The root word for religion is the same root word found in ligament. A ligament is connective tissue that holds two body parts together. In the church, we are the body of Christ and our religion is the connective tissue that holds us together. What if you were to build a worship service around this image? Here’s a quick brainstorm about how that might look.

Finding the Narrative: Seven Sermon Series Examples

A review of the sermon series during my first year at Peachtree, with some lessons for what works and what doesn’t in crafting sermon series concepts.

Message Series #3: Seven Deadly Seductions

Here are my notes on creative worship development for a sermon series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Theology of Twitter [Sermon Series]

A sermon series on the twitter and the nature of community.

A creative worship concept for Easter

Stained: We are all broken images of God’s creation, dependent on the light of Christ to illuminate us.