11 Examples of Fear and Suspicion Of New Technology

New communications technology is primitive and the old is refined. “The best of the past is set against the worst of the present.” So critics attack.

5 Lessons on Using Digital Technology in Church

The following is excerpted from my book, The Wired Church 2.0.

This App is Saving My Tail Right Now

A simple little app that is keeping me above water while I get settled in my new GA world.

5 Tools to Enhance Your Creativity

Creativity is largely about capturing your ideas before they float away like a lost balloon.

The Doctrine of Design 1: How to Quickly Improve Your Website

In the first post of a new series called The Doctrine of Design, I look at how the Pareto Principle can improve your website traffic patterns.

What Does a Facebook Church Look Like?

To figure out what a Facebook church looks like, we must first figure out the values at play in social networking.

Church Communication: Differences between speaking and writing

Everything social in your life happens in one of several mediums: oral, written, printed, imaged. The nature of what you communicate changes depending on how you say it.

A Massive Misconception About Church Communication

A bad understanding of church communication is killing efforts to grow churches and make disciples of Jesus Christ.