If The Goals You Set for the New Year Fail, This Could Be Why

As I dream about the new year, I have realized there’s one mistake I need to avoid making: the reason most goals don’t work is not that they’re too big. It’s that they’re too vague.

How To Create Great Things: Find a Structure

Identify a favorite writer and study from her or him. Ruin your romance and figure out what hooks you. And then apply whatever structures you spot to your own next work.

You Were Once a Creative Genius

NASA Command Center Apollo 13

You were once a creative genius. Discover what you once had in the beginning, how you lost it, and how to get it back in my new book Think Like a Five Year Old. Reclaim your wonder and create great things.

The Myth of the Blinding Flash

Eureka moments don’t happen to the madcap lone genius in his studio. The myth of the blinding flash isn’t helpful because it persuades us to not do the daily work. The way to overcome this myth is through Input. Make daily exposure to new ideas part of your creative routine. Your mind cannot sift and recombine ideas—a process known as “Incubation”—if you don’t first put in the hard work of giving it new material to work with.

Ten Essential Truths I’ve Learned About The Creative Process

I’ve been diving deep on the power of creativity for the last two years. Here are ten essential truths I’ve learned about the creative process.

The Benefit of Being Creative

Why do we create, anyway? Is it to be known? To be rich? Or is there another, better reason?