Make a Mark on Your Growth Chart This Week

Len WilsonCreativity, Faith

When we become adults, most of us stop making our mark on the wall, and in the world. We adopt a fixed mindset about our identity. But God has a bright future for us, which we discover as we un-learn how to conform to the world and rediscover our innate creativity.

The Best Way to Reclaim Your Creativity Is To Love

Len WilsonCreativity, Faith

Loving as God does and God encourages us to do, with our entire heart, mind, soul and strength, is how we recapture our creativity. The reason love is the key to creativity is because it’s the essential character of God the Creator, from whom all creativity flows.

Walt’s Breakthrough: 5 Ways Creative Vision Drove Disney’s Early Years

Len WilsonArtists, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Strategic Thinking

Most of us hope for a future with incremental growth. But what if you could just blow it all up and make something, without limitations? Thinking this way is what we call creative vision. It’s knowing what’s needed, not what already exists or even what’s requested. All great advances – in our personal lives, in culture, in business – start with it. Here’s how Walt Disney expanded his world.

Think Like a Five Year Old Study Guide (Free eBook)

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Download my new, free eBook today! This is a study and application guide to my book Think Like a Five Year Old. The goals of this 40-page eBook companion are 1) for you to develop a practical theology of creativity and 2) to walk away with the necessary next steps and to-dos for getting started on the work of creating.

How to Overcome What Happens After Your Project Is Done

Len WilsonCreativity

With the release of a book, I am hearing my share of congratulations and well wishes from people. A couple of really honest colleagues have shared their intense envy that a book exists in the world with my name on it. But I am wary of accolades, because I believe they are damaging to creativity.