What is the Purpose of a Creative Element in Worship?

creative element in worship

She asked, the leadership of my church is not clear on the purpose of a creative element in worship. Does it serve the sermon? Prepare people for the sermon? Is it just something “special” to keep things interesting? What is it for?

An Example of How to Exegete Image in Worship

The root word for religion is the same root word found in ligament. A ligament is connective tissue that holds two body parts together. In the church, we are the body of Christ and our religion is the connective tissue that holds us together. What if you were to build a worship service around this image? Here’s a quick brainstorm about how that might look.

Tales of Wonder: A Christmas Worship Concept

Our first reaction when something happens to us is often to react negatively to it. It’s the “uh oh” feeling – the intuition that something ominous is about to happen. It’s a loss of personal control or power. This feeling is at the core of the Christmas story.