13 Quotes on the Power of Metaphor to Subtly Shape Belief

James Geary’s I is an Other is an insightful read on why metaphor works in connecting with people, and creating meaning, and how the choice to dismiss metaphor is a risk to our aims to influence others.

An Example of How to Exegete Image in Worship

The root word for religion is the same root word found in ligament. A ligament is connective tissue that holds two body parts together. In the church, we are the body of Christ and our religion is the connective tissue that holds us together. What if you were to build a worship service around this image? Here’s a quick brainstorm about how that might look.

The Complete Checklist For Designing Creative Worship In 60 Minutes

Sometimes it can be daunting to turn a good idea into a creative worship experience. To help, I’ve pulled an easy checklist of essential strategic elements every worship service needs. Download this PDF for free and use it at your next meeting.

Message Series #3: Seven Deadly Seductions

Here are my notes on creative worship development for a sermon series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Tales of Wonder: A Christmas Worship Concept

Our first reaction when something happens to us is often to react negatively to it. It’s the “uh oh” feeling – the intuition that something ominous is about to happen. It’s a loss of personal control or power. This feeling is at the core of the Christmas story.