The Amazing Canon DSLR

T his is the video that sold me on buying a Canon DSLR last spring. I haven’t gotten to use it much this year so far, but hope to again soon. Meanwhile I continue to find inspiration with videos like this one. The creator’s notes follow.

The first full wedding we have shot exclusively with the Canon EOS 7D.

the skinny:
// one cinematographer
// two Canon 7D cams
// four lenses; 50 f1.2, 24 f1.4, 100 macro f2.8, 70-200 f4 non-IS
// one tripod, one monopod, one cinevate pegasus heavy lifter (slider)
// audio was through a tascam and zoom h4n paired with sennheiser ew g2 wireless lavs
//no external lighting was utilized in any of the shots in the final piece. everything was working with what was there.

total cost of all the gear used that day was approx $10k.

we didn’t know about the surprise engagement book (unfortunately), so all of that was very improv shooting.

we have a longer writeup on the couple (the lovely jc + esther) and their day on our blog


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