The Best Time of Day to Send an Email

What is the best time to send an email?

This question has hovered near my work life for the past decade.

When I ran email marketing for my former company, Midnight Oil Productions, I sent a regular email campaign to a list of around 18,000 subscribers. Over a period of time I tried a variety of techniques, and came to several conclusions about best email sending practices:

  • Make Your email about ONE subject. The “newsletter” concept, with multiple articles and subjects, has no impact. People are too busy.
  • Offer benefit in the headline. We tend to focus on the features of our idea – our product, our service. People don’t care about your idea. They care how your idea can improve their life. Spell out benefit, such as “the best time of day to send an email.”
  • Minimize your copy, or verbiage. If you can’t sell your thought in 250 words, max, then get someone to edit for you. If you need more copy space, write a teaser and offer a link to a fuller blog post or article.
  • Send it just before the beginning of the workday, so it’s in their inbox as they get to work. What day of the week depends on industry. When reaching pastors and church leaders, I scheduled Tuesday mornings, which for many pastors is the time they are ready to start the new weekly cycle.

For the most part, I still believe in these principles, but a new info graphic presents some intriguing concepts on the best time of day to send. Particularly I like the concept of sending in the early afternoon. I’ll try this out and let you know what I found out.

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