The Hook: How to Make An Idea Better with Creativity

Many leaders are secretly insecure about the ability of their message to work. They develop solid content but it’s usually missing one key ingredient. What is it? To learn more, go to my new post at

The Hook: How to Make Any Idea Extraordinary


The postscript to my guest post for Tony is a little set of rules for boosting your creative juices. Here are four rules I use to stay creative:

• Eat and sleep well. Sounds like a no-brainer but my creative energy suffers when I’m underslept.

• Surf a lot. I pay careful attention to marketing campaigns.

• Get quiet and dive into the problem. I don’t expect a creative solution right away. Sometimes it takes a while, and the best stuff often comes after an hour or two of reading and reflection.

• Bounce ideas off other people. I use a small circle of trusted opinions for my creative ideas. You need people who can provide an honest appraisal without a need to prove their worth or one-up you.