Think Like a Five Year Old Study Guide (Free eBook)

In many ways, 1964 was the cultural high water mark of the post-war era. After the destruction of the war era from 1914-1945, people wanted to explore, grow, and build new things. Of course, as George Clooney’s character Frank Walker said in the recent film Tomorrowland, “Then it all went to (you know where).”

Given our nature as humans, it always does. That’s the story of creativity. The key to reclaiming our wonder is to become a new creation – to rediscover our creativity, as we were made in the beginning. I wrote a book to talk about this problem, called Think Like a Five Year Old. On the last page I invite the reader to dig deeper in study and application with a guidebook. This free, 40-page eBook is that guidebook.

Download it now or read a sample below.

Think Like a Five Year Old Study and Application Guide

The goals of this free, 40-page eBook (in ePub and PDF) companion to Think Like a Five Year Old are:

1) for you to develop a practical theology of creativity and
2) to walk away with the necessary next steps and to-dos for getting started on the work of creating.

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I invite you to work through this study guide. Give it time to let its ideas ruminate in your mind. Share it with others, or do it alone. When questions come up, send them my way using the social media links below, and let’s start a conversation to help make the world a better place.

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