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Join others, spread the word about Think Like a Five Year Old,
and help your community discover a more creative life.

Scroll down for ways to help.

Help make the world a little more creative!

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Creativity is the active ingredient of faith,
the catalyst that converts dreams to plans.

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Visit Thunderclap and click a social link to support the book via Twitter, Facebook, or both. Get the word out to your friends and followers and ask them to do the same. All supported messages will publish simultaneously on June 2 at 9:00a EST. Help Think Like a Five Year Old to go viral!

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Join the

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Use a #Hashtag

Use #thinkfive when you post
about the book on social media.

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Hashtag sightings
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While creativity is about you working,
it’s also about God working the spiritual work of recreation in you.

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3. Write a Review

Once you’ve read the book, come back here to link through to one of the retail sites to the right and post a review about it online. Click here to see what others are saying so far.

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You must get used to recognizing the idea and capturing it
as soon as it happens, no matter what you’re doing.

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Post a Tweetable

Think Like a Five Year Old is full of shareable quotes. Tweet these “tweetables” by clicking a link below or make your own. Make sure to use the hashtag #thinkfive!

  • [bctt tweet=”The trick to sustaining creativity is to start the new idea before the old idea dies. #thinkfive”]
  • [bctt tweet=”The stagnation we feel is a consumer’s feeling, and overcoming it is a call to create. #thinkfive”]
  • [bctt tweet=”I go to bed & an idea appears and I think, really? But if I don’t capture it, it will fly away.”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Your pursuit of a more creative life will actually make your life harder in the short term.”]
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As an image or representation of God, when we create,
we reflect the character of God and the glory of God.

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5. Introduce Me to Your Network

You may have something already in mind if you choose to introduce me to your network. I’d be honored if you would. If you need something to say about me, just use what the publisher is saying:

Len Wilson is an author, speaker, and advocate for creativity in faith and life. He is known for his pioneering work in visual storytelling and has consulted with organizations and ministries across the country. Len is the author or co-author of ten books, has been featured in dozens of articles for major religious periodicals, and has acquired leadership books for Abingdon Press, a division of the United Methodist Publishing House. He currently serves as Creative Director at Peachtree, a large church in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow Len at lenwilson.us or on Twitter at @Len_Wilson.

Long Bio

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6. Host a Workshop

My passion is to foster personal and congregational creativity, to guide great ideas to sustainable innovation and change, and to help the church communicate the gospel more effectively through a culture of creativity and storytelling.

Innovation that leads to growth and vitality can happen in a variety of settings: strategic thinking, leadership, worship and arts, communication, mission, discipleship, and more. But the foundation is the same.  A key to vitality is to move yourself and others from consumption, where we are conformed to patterns of decline, to creativity, where we are transformed by our God-given impulse and calling to make things new.

I am passionate about helping your church discover how creative thinking can increase congregational vitality. Contact me for workshop ideas and details.

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