Think Like a Five Year Old:
Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things

You were once a creative genius.

Each of us once exercised great creative power. The problem is that somewhere along the way we have lost sight of our creativity. We’ve given in to forces that would steal and destroy this innate joy. We don’t feel creative, and consequently, we don’t feel fulfilled.

In Think Like a Five Year Old, learn the story of your creativity: what you had in the beginning, how you lost it, and how to get it back. Then, once you reclaim your wonder, learn how to use it create great things, in your personal and professional life.

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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
the old has passed away, behold, the new has come.
– 2 Corinthians 5:17

About the Book

Creativity is today’s hot topic of corporate, educational, civic and personal life. It has been named the #1 most critical trait in corporate life today. The all-time #1 TED Talk is on creativity.

We all want to be more creative and to work with more creative people.

Yet few of us feel creative. Not coincidentally, we aren’t very interested in what we do. In fact, 87% of us are disengaged from what we do. We may have good educations; we may have decent salaries. We are busy yet we are bored—at work, at home, in our personal habits, and in our spiritual lives.

Think Like a Five Year Old demonstrates that the problem is not that most of us are incapable of creativity. Both science and faith say that each of us has this power within us. The problem is that while we have the power to create, it’s latent. We’ve lost sight of it.

In order to recapture this lost power, you need to know the story of creativity: why you had it to begin with, how you lost it, and how to get it back.

Only then can you find the secrets to a more fulfilling life.

One of our major blocks to creativity is that we write our first drafts as if others are watching.  (p. 92)

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Why Five Years Old?


The book’s title refers to a documented phenomenon in which people almost universally exhibit genius-level creativity as young children but lose it as they become adults. Another finds that creativity results in a higher correlation to achievement than IQ.

I asked the question, why do we lose our creativity? And if we can figure out why we lose it, can we get it back? I believe that this loss can be measured scientifically, but that on a deeper level it is primarily a spiritual problem.

Creativity isn’t fixed. We’ve got it in us. How do we get our creativity back? This is the story of Think Like a Five Year Old.

Who is the Book For?


Anyone suffering from a lack of engagement. Anyone who’s ever wished for more creativity. Anyone who has ever crashed and burned and needed a reboot. Anyone who wants to make something great.

Anyone who wants more creativity at home, in personal dreams, at work, in calling to the church – you name it. In every area, creativity is a key way by which we discover new life and a core part of faith.

In particular, I am writing to people looking for new life and personal growth; creatives and artists in and out of the church; preachers and church leaders who desire innovation as a part of congregational growth and renewal; and educators and business leaders looking for ways to influence their communities.

For Church Leaders


What if you could help others recover genius-level creativity in their work, in their personal life, and in their faith life?

A lack of life engagement and a lack of creativity are linked. The problem is not that most people are incapable of creativity. People almost universally exhibit genius-level creativity as young children – but lose it as they become adults.

As we are made new creations in Christ, let’s reclaim our God-given creativity and return to the joyous, creative relationship God designed in the beginning.  Help others recover their unique melody of passions and learn how to be a cocreator with God.

“We are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things. God planned for these good things to be the way that we live our lives.” – Ephesians 2:10

We are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things.
God planned for these good things to be the way that we live our lives.
– Ephesians 2:10


I love this book so much. As a pastor and counselor, it has always burdened me to see a person stop taking risks, stop creating, stop living life to the fullest. God is a Creator God and we are made in His image. Thank you Len for encouraging us to dream again!

Ron Edmondson, Pastor, Blogger, Church Leadership Consultant

I’ve always believed that everyone is born creative. But there’s something about entering the educational system that starts pushing our sense of wonder into the background.  Now, Len Wilson shows us how to rediscover our imagination in his amazing new book Think Like A 5 Year Old. Get this book, because after reading it, you’ll never look at life’s challenges the same way again.

Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of One Big Thing:  Discovering What You Were Born to Do

This remarkable book is for all of us who long to recapture the wondrous creativity we once took for granted. Len Wilson draws from inspiring stories of real people who fought the battle for divergent thinking and practiced the disciplines required to innovate. I highly recommend this practical and inspiring work, and plan to give it to my artistic daughters.

Nancy Beach, Leadership Coach, The Slingshot Group and Author, The Hour on Sunday and Gifted to Lead

I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. Len Wilson’s work is not only significant and inspiring, but critical for our society in this time. His insights are perhaps especially important for church leaders as we attempt to discover how to make the Gospel message authentic in our ever-changing and isolating landscape. Spirituality and creativity cannot be separated. We all need to be called again to become childlike in our faith, our imagination and our sense of wonder and possibility that we may recapture the creativity the Creator placed in all of us. This book is for the closet-creative and child in each of us that is just waiting to break free.

Gary Rivas, pastor, Gracepoint Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

Think Like a Five Year Old invites us to take a bold, surrendered risk into a more creative, fulfilling life.

Rebekah Lyons, Author, Freefall to Fly

Creativity is critical to most endeavors, yet at times in everyone’s life, and in every organization, the wellspring runs dry. Len Wilson’s book is a gift that will inspire and foster creativity. Filled with terrific examples, this book will benefit leaders and teams in any line of work.

Rev. Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor, UM Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS

Len writes as a man who is both deeply creative and intensely pastoral. In Think Like a Five Year Old, he dives deeply into the heart of any person who believes that creativity matters. In his thought-provoking and beautiful words, Len is helping us all discover the beauty of being a follower of Jesus and living a creative life that’s from the gut. There are people in my life who cannot see the creativity God is calling them to, and they’ll be the first people to whom I send this book.

Gary Molander, Co-owner, Floodgate Productions and author, Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

As someone who pays the bills by creating art, I’ve found it’s easy to get caught up in the industry of production & consumption. I am always on the brink of burnout. Though I love creating moments of wonder & astonishment for other people, I struggle with losing my own child-like wonder. Like me, Len knows this tension all to well. I’m so grateful that he’s shared his story of becoming a kid again.

Stephen Proctor, worship artist,

In a world encumbered with dull and gray, Len Wilson offers us a brilliant, technicolor future by inviting us to harness our unique, God-given creativity. As creatures made in the image of God, each one of us has untapped ingenuity yet to be expressed. This book is for anyone who wants to tap into this well of imagination.

Jorge Acevedo, Lead Pastor, Grace Church of southwest Florida and author, Vital: Churches Changing Communities and the World

Len Wilson delivers a needed invitation to rediscover your inner creative genius. Whether its developing a new angle at work, playing with your children, or writing a sermon, you need the tools this book has to wake you up to “have fun and make stuff”.

Marnie Crumpler, Executive Pastor, Peachtree Presbyterian Church

A plethora of blog posts offer 10 ways to get more creative or 6 ways to find inspiration. Don’t look for such facile answers here. Instead, discover a set of rich illustrations and powerful stories that reveals what it really means to drink from the fountain of fulfillment.

Joe Carmichael, pastor, United Methodist Church

Len Wilson’s excellent book isn’t just for those who would call themselves “creative.” It is packed with practical insights to help me grow as a communicator and storyteller. Using these principles, Len has brought creative wonder back into local churches to tell better stories and change more lives.

Rev. Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor, Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX

A great watercolorist once said creativity was the convergence of five blessings: contrast, composition, intuition, humility, and effortlessness. Len has painted a book to model these blessings. Once you have read it, then stand at a distance to look at it. Then you will get it.

Thomas G. Bandy, conference speaker, leadership coach, president of Thriving Church Consulting, LLC

Len Wilson’s Think Like a Five Year Old takes us back to the playground to cultivate renewed habits that lead to new futures. Thoughtful and thought-full, Len dares us to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, like a diligent Little Leaguer first learning to swing for the fences. Regardless where you now believe you are on the creativity spectrum, this book will take you further!

Dr. Jay Richard Akkerman, Director of Graduate Theological Online Education, Northwest Nazarene University, author of Missional Discipleship: Partners in God’s Redemptive Mission

I hear lots of people talk about creativity but only a few truly understand it. Len Wilson is on that list. He not only understands it, he lives it as head of communications for a major church. Taking us back to our earliest years when we were free of so many distractions, Len Wilson explains and unlocks the door for greater creativity and effectiveness. Get a copy and absorb it. You’ll be on your way to thinking like a 5-year old! And you won’t regret it.

Jim Sheppard, CEO/Principal, Generis

People try to capture creativity as a set of practices, but creativity is,
at its most fundamental level, simply an ability to speak and live honestly.
Some spend a lifetime and never discover honesty. (p. 45)

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