This App is Saving My Tail Right Now

B etween moving to Marietta GA and starting my new job at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, this summer has been a little busy (the film of dust on this blog testifies).

One of the things saving my tail in this busy time of personal and professional transition has been a free little task app called Wunderlist.

The best kinds of apps are simple. They do one thing, and do it really well. This task manager app works because it syncs through the cloud. I have it loaded on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. No matter where I am during the workday, one of these devices is likely near. Instead of scribbling a todo item on a postit or legal pad or scrap of paper, I add it to one of my lists in Wunderlist. The app syncs, and boom goes the dynamite, all of my devices are updated.

You can designate priority tasks, file items in any variety of customizable lists, and mark a due date. It also has a variety of sort options.

The hardest part is reminding yourself to use it, and not revert to paper habits. Once trained, I’ve discovered  it’s a great way to remember items that would otherwise get lost in the daily tornado.


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