[VIDEO] How to Make Messages That Stick in a Community

Shareability: How to Create Messages That Stick in a Community

Why do some messages get shared in a community, while others seem to disappear the moment they hit the ether? What do you have to do to craft and send out messages that stick – that create resonance and enact change in listeners? It doesn’t matter what your goal is – everybody wants the message they’re sending to stick. This stickiness happens through sharing – going “viral” is now the benchmark of influence and success.

Recently, I began to ask a question:


What results in some messages that stick and others not?

I’m not talking about the acknowledgment that people got your message, or even a golf-clap-esque “like” button. I am talking about the holy grail where someone is so excited about what you’ve said that they have to run and tell others.

This latter measure, the hallowed “Share,” is the true measure of the power of a message.

The answer to this question was the topic of a recent keynote talk I gave to the national United Methodist Association of Communicators. This diverse group represents communication professionals from the entire denomination of the United Methodist Church, from all over the United States and beyond. They influence the message of the entire denomination.

I asked this group, how do we increase the shareability of a message?


How well do you understand the community to whom you’re speaking?

A recent study confirmed the number one reason people join a church is because of the “quality” of the message. But we in the church have been talking about the value of a good message for 500 years. Our problem is that we’re not engaging the community. The act of communication is not just sender to receiver. The community is and has always been a core part of how to cut through the noise so that people can hear your message.

Understanding the relationship of the community to the message is key to what I call “shareability.”

The United Methodist Association of Communicators recorded my message and created a nice edit with my slides inserted. I have included this video below, along with the slide deck I used for closer inspection. Here it is, free for your edification.


KEYNOTE – Shareability: How to Make Messages That Stick in a Community


SLIDE DECK – Shareability: How to Make Messages That Stick in a Community


Now it’s your turn. What do you think helps a message to have good shareability?


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