What Creative Leadership Looks Like

Leaders, are you looking for a better relationship with your creatives? People in creative work settings need advocacy and leadership to protect them and free them to flourish. Here is my pledge to all creative team members in my care.


This is what I strive to do for you. And what I want you to do in return.

My job is to make you a star.

It’s to give you the confidence to follow your creative instincts.

It’s to give you the financial resources you need to do the job right. The equipment to make pretty pictures. The gear to light it well. The computer to tweak your visions without waiting on the spinning ball of death all the time.

It’s also to give you the time you need to let good ideas cook. I am talking about the full pre-production – production – post-production cycle.

My job is to give you a great concept that ties your work into the rest of the organization’s big ideas so that it gets maximum attention and maximum power.

Behind this work, my job is to give you the healthy creative culture that you need in order to let your ideas flourish, without worrying about politics or your own status and standing in the organization.

When all of these things exist, you will produce amazing work, and people will look to you and talk about your talent and your capabilities. My job is to make you a star.

On the flip side, if something doesn’t work, my job is to have your back.

It is to defend your choices, to give you the protection you need and the room to fly.

This is what creative leadership is all about. It’s an amazing deal, really.

In exchange for this amazing deal, here’s what I need from you.

I need you to bring your very best.

I need you to constantly work on learning and honing your craft.

I need you to be teachable and willing to learn from my creative experience and vision, as I have from those who came before me.

I need your willingness to work late to get the job finished.

I need your enthusiasm and hope that the next project is going to be the best one you’ve ever done.

When we both bring these things to one another, the result will be greatness.


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Len Wilson

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Christ follower. Storyteller. Strategist. Writer. Creative Director at St Andrew. Tickle monster. Author, Think Like a Five Year Old (Abingdon).