What Is Your Best Innovation of 2014?

2014 is toast. Stop for a moment and look back over the past year. What is the best new innovation you’ve been a part of? In your work, home, church or in your personal life?

Hopefully you can think of one. Write it down. If you have multiple ones, or categories, great! Write those down, too.

I love creativity, and I talk a lot about it in this blog, and it gets lots of buzz. Creativity is an essential part of life, just as it is, without ambitions to monetize. (In fact, the need to monetize creativity in our personal life kills creativity.)

But sometimes, especially in our organizations, we need more than just a good idea. We need an idea that delivers new ways of thinking and acting. Creativity only counts in organizations when it leads to something that ships.

This is how I define innovation:

Innovation is creativity that ships.

By that I mean that innovation is creativity that does something specific. It delivers a real solution to a problem. It meets a need.

When creativity impacts people, it becomes innovation.

How can you innovate in your work, home and church in 2015?


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