True growth is what happens when your church's message resonates.

Creative communication that ignites hearts and changes lives is key to communicating the gospel of jesus and building Christian community.

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The majority of churches in America are getting smaller, growing older and losing a voice in broader culture.

Changes in communications and technology are moving too fast to respond with integrity and effectiveness.

People are confused about changes in long-established denominational brands and don't know what churches stand for

Communications in most churches functions like an overworked Kinko's, with mixed messages and uneven results.

You Need Expertise to Communicate the Gospel in Today's Environment.

Clarify your message.

Create quality content.

Construct efficient workflow.

Connect with your community.

Cultivate relationships.

The duty of art is to provide different ways of approaching the Gospel through the use of storytelling. Let preaching and reading scripture do its work and allow art to do something entirely different.

Len Wilson, Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating the Gospel in Worship


Consulting your church

I consult two churches at a time on a limited basis, creating sustainable solutions based on 25 years of specialized ministry in creativity and communications as well as my daily work as a full-time large church Creative and Communications Director at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. Learn more:

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I speak on church communications, branding, creativity, and more. I've keynoted conferences and led workshops at hundreds of events around the world since 1996, helping pastors, communicators, and creatives be more effective in sharing the gospel. Learn more about how I can help:

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What Others SAY About Len...

  • Len captures a first glimpse at a new way of thinking. Without it, I can not see how the church can survive. That’s how important Len’s work is.

     – Thomas Hohstadt, Conductor, Fulbright Scholar

  • Len is a master wordsmith and communicator.

     – Will Willimon, Author

  • Len knows churches. He understands people. Len consulted with my church of 5000 attendance and 4 campuses. He surfaced gaps, gave practical solutions, and helped us think through how to build effective systems for quality output. 18 months later, we are seeing the impact.

     – Tammy Kelley, Christ Community Church, Former Executive Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

  • Len’s work was my first gllimmer of hope that I could change how churches communicate.

     – Michael Buckingham, Creative Director, Victory World Church

  • Len helicoptered in to help us, beat his schedule and gave us what we needed. He gave us the big picture we asked for.

     – Bob McCloskey, Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • Len possesses a rarely-seen combination of creativity and attention to detail which together make his work both strikingly original and highly correct.

     – Rebecca Burgoyne, Director, Publishing Operations, United Methodist Publishing House

COmmitments to you

Advocate for Pastors and Leaders

I will champion you as a leader and assist in the work of your ministry. 

Build Sustainable Solutions

My focus is on building long term solutions for the health of your church.

Connect Effort to Life Change

I will look for ways to connect your vision to changed hearts, lives and communities.



With 25 years of experience at the intersection of church and communication, I bring a unique, integrated view that sees problems from strategic perspectives, identifies new possibilities and responds with theologically minded, pastorally grounded solutions.

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