6 Options For When You Grow Up

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Here are six options for that someday when you “grow up” (in other words, the end game of your creative dreams):

One. Do what you love, because if you do what you love, you will discover a way to make a living doing it, not because it’s magic, although some people suggest it is, but because your passion will carry you all the way through to the 10,000 hours, or whatever it takes, in order for you to be the best at what you do. (Spoiler alert: this is kinda what I said at the end of Think Like a Five Year Old.)

Two. The promise that you’ll make a living doing what you love is foolish, but do what you love anyway, even if you’re poor because of it.

Three. Pursuing what you love is foolish, period. The smart option is to do what you have to do, so that one day when you retire you can do what you love.

Four. Do what you have to do during the week, then do what you love on the weekends, because why wait until you’re retired?

Five. Do what you are supposed to do (or, what God calls you to do), because that’s what good people do.

Six. Do what you are supposed to do (or, what God calls you to do), because if you do it then you’ll be fulfilled.

Which one do you live life by? Here’s an encouragement as you consider:

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” – Psalms 90:17 

The Psalmist here writes a more eloquent version of my longtime daily prayer:

Use me today Lord, and don’t let me screw it up.

This is also a fitting prayer for a theology of vocation, which stems from a theology of creativity, or the set of good things God has given us to do with our lives.


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