A Primer on the Creative Process, Storytelling and Growth in Church Life [Podcast]

Len WilsonChurch, Creativity, Story

Recently I sat down with the creators of More Than Sunday, a podcast of First United Methodist Church, Richardson TX.

They asked me to come in and chat about what I do in ministry, particularly as it relates to the work of St. Andrew. The funny thing is, we never got to my day job as the church’s Creative and Communications Director.

Instead we spent our time chasing a bunch of my favorite rabbit trails over the years: the Creative Process, Storytelling in the church, and my newest thing, how we get church growth all wrong. (Hint for those of you who follow this blog: The semiotics of Christian Growth is the subject of my dissertation work.)

Here’s a listen to a wide ranging interview that highlights some of the more fascinating / long tail topics of this blog and a first sneak peek of some new upcoming material as well.

Click the link below to stream or download.