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People first experience the power of what can be not through analysis but through art.

My life is oriented around a God-given purpose: To use oral, written and visual means to communicate the story of Jesus Christ and grow God’s kingdom. My primary art is writing, and my main vocational focus is church communications.

My aim is that this blog – the posts, the videos, the opportunities to engage further through books, speaking and consulting – helps you answer your questions about one of these core topics:
creativity, innovation, art, communications, Christian ministry, and the faith life.

I am the Creative Director at St. Andrew UMC, a large church in Plano, TX, where I lead a group of creatives and communications specialists. At St. Andrew, my goal is to communicate the gospel with beauty and power through story, and in the process foster a working environment where creatives want to be.

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Len Wilson is an expert in communications and creativity in church life. He is known for his pioneering work in visual storytelling, and has taught and consulted with organizations and ministries across the country. His life mission is to use oral, written and visual communication with equal effectiveness in sharing Jesus Christ and advancing God’s kingdom. Len is the author or co-author of ten books, has been featured in dozens of articles for major religious periodicals, and has acquired leadership books for Abingdon Press, a division of the United Methodist Publishing House. He currently serves as Creative and Communications Director at St. Andrew, a large church in Plano, Texas. Len holds a MA in Religious Communication from United Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary. Follow Len at lenwilson.us or on Twitter at @Len_Wilson.