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Friends, I’ve relaunched my blog with lots of new ideas to help you in your life and in your ministry, after a hiatus to work on my doctoral studies, and the help of I’m not finished with my studies; I am still writing the dissertation, but the classroom portion is done. Here’s a preview of the next several months in this space:


This month (June 2019) my blog focus is on data for church leaders. I’ve released my annual top 25 list of fastest growing large United Methodist churches: click here to see the top 25 list. I’ve also released a list of the best and worst worship weekends in the calendar year, based on my research of 10 years of worship attendance at my church, St. Andrew. Later this month I’ll release the results of a ministry survey I conducted with pastors of these churches. So be on the lookout for this data.

In July 2019, my blog focus is on effective techniques for church communicators, pastors and leaders. We will look at traits and skills you need effective church communications leadership, my favorite daily tool for communications in ministry, and a couple of posts of social media.

  • Six Traits of a Great Church Creative / Communications Director
  • Five Methods for Making Better Team Decisions
  • A Shared Editorial Calendar is Your Best Church Planning Tool
  • The Beginner Guide to Growing Your Church Social Media
  • Shareability: A True Story on How Social Media Posts Go Viral

In August, I will introduce one part of my doctoral research: the Semiotic Method. Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their meaning. Semiotic study opens up entirely new insights into stories you’ve heard your entire life, in church and in every day language. This will help you learn how to be a better preacher, a better worship designer, and a better church communications specialist. In August, my posts will talk about semiotics and metaphor, and demonstrate some examples.

  • The Hidden Ways You Communicate Are Shaping What People Think
  • Image Exegesis: Infant Exposure
  • Image Exegesis: Rebellion
  • The Metaphor Comes Before the Meaning

In September I will share some previews of a new curriculum I am building called Messaging That Ignites, about some core principles and first things for branding and messaging that changes hearts, lives and communities. I’ll begin by focusing on the most important thing you do as a communicator and then look at some other principles and techniques. These are ideas every leader needs to understand.

  • A Leader’s Most Important Job is to Find the Right Metaphor
  • The Copernican Revolution of Life Changing Communication
  • Focus on Learning, Not Knowing

In October, I look at some fresh ideas on creativity and work, a long standing favorite subject. I hope to help you be more creative!

  • How Quickly We Lose It
  • Down and Out
  • To Lead Innovation, Develop Environments for Creativity to Flourish
  • My New Definition of Technology and Its Impact On Ministry
  • Ways We Don’t Realize We’re Consuming, Not Creating

In November and December, I start to crack open my dissertation! I’ll reveal the primary focus of my research over the last two years and talk a significant Deep Metaphor that impacts our daily lives and ministries.

  • The Hidden Ways You’re Shaping Not Just Your Ministry But Your Entire Reality – For Better or Worse
  • What Do We Mean in the Church When We Use The Word “Growth”?
  • Our Hidden Mental Image of Growth That is Harming Us
  • The Problem with Trying to Change the World
  • 5 Ways We Can Actually Change the World
  • Jesus Images of Growth
  • A New Way to Think About Church Growth

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