Let's improve your church's creative communication of the gospel.

The need for a better Creative / Communications Ministry is the 2nd most critical ministry need today, according to a large chuch survey.

According to Pew Research, the quality of the message is the number one reason people choose a church. Nothing matters more.

Over my ministry career, I’ve developed a proven approach to help churches improve their ability to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My approach is to put creative tools in place to help the gospel message resonate and create infrastructure to sustain consistent quality.

The goal isn’t just delivering a great message. The goal is helping people hear the good news and follow Jesus.


How many of these issues and more do you see in your church?

You need creative solutions to help improve the ability of your message to be heard.

You need a symbiotic way of working with creative and production people to unleash the full storytelling potential of your church.

You need alignment and sustainable solutions that work today and will grow better over time.

Len could be the VP of Marketing for a major corporation. He has revolutionized the way our church operates.

- Forrest Pool, Chief Operating Officer, St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Plano, Texas

Messaging that ignites

The word “brand” comes from the same root as the word “burn.” A good brand is simply the ability to clearly communicate what burns inside you.

Clear, concise, compelling, creative communication is absolutely critical to effective leadership in the work of the church today. When we understand the four basic elements of brand - who we are, what our message is, who our community is, and where our culture is - then our fire will burn bright, and we will discover how to communicate well, build relationships, and change hearts, lives and communities.

The goal of my consultation work is to help create messaging that ignites hearts and changes lives.

Illuminate: Church Creative and Communications Consultation

Illuminate is a six-month coaching process designed to help you achieve a healthier, more life-changing environment in your church for worship and gospel communication. Here is a brief overview of some problems the process addresses.

1  |  Chopping wood

A fire that illuminates the night begins with a good base. The first phase to igniting your message is to put a solid base in place.

01Current attempts to communicate can seem like all smoke and no fire. You're not getting the word out well. My first step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of how your messages are sent and received.

02How do we decide what gets published where, and how often?
My second step is a comprehensive overview of your recent content including worship, sermons, and all churchwide and ministry messaging.

03 When they log on to your website or visit on Sunday, visitors don’t have a clear sense of who you are and what you value. Third, we name your distinctives and non-negotiables. Life changing communication begins with brand clarity.

04 Communications and media staff and volunteers are overworked, underpaid and burnt out. Demand is high, and you can’t afford the team you need. My fourth goal is to assess your creative talent, get people in the right seats, and begin to mentor them.

2  |  lighting the fire

Messaging that ignites needs simultaneous development of good content and good systems.

05 Your creative, communications and media teams operate like an overworked Kinko's, with mixed messages and uneven results. You need a proactive way to function. This step is the perhaps the most crucial one of all, in which we put in place a better model for how communications functions in your church.

06 Worship is the primary communication event in the weekly life of the church. Yet the Sunday morning experience can feel like a stack of unrelated messages with no real positive impact or affect. In this phase, we work together to form a custom planning model with specific tools to maximize your team's gifts.

07The biggest ongoing problem I see is silo-ing among staff and ministries. There’s no strategic integration between worship design and ministry activity. Seventh, I put a model in place to create cohesion

08Cohesion among ministries also requires ways of working together for the good of the whole. Next I introduce a model and tools for allocating resources well among the various ministries.

3  |  Illumination

The difference between functional systems and a message that resonates with people is the difference between a lit fire and a roaring fire. Last, we pile on the wood to make the light bright.

09 Communications and media from some voices and ministries are more developed than others. Ninth, we implement tools to help create consistency in quality and effectiveness across the entire church.

10You feel hopelessly behind the times with advancements in digital and communications technology. The bar constantly changes and is far too complex. Next, we put a long-term technology plan in place.

11 Problems in your workflow tend to kill creative ideas before they come to life. You need a better way to receive requests and process projects in order to meet deadlines well.

12 You need a way of working that encourages quality and empowers staff and volunteer gifts. The goal is to reduce distraction with consistency and professionalism.


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

The greatest way to change hearts and lives isn’t through propositions, argumentation and analysis, but through shared human experience.

My promises


Illuminate does more than create an “a-ha” moment. It calls people to move - to change behavior. In the church world we call it transformation, which is a lifelong journey. That journey begins with individual changed behaviors based on new behaviors from those who have ears to hear.


Effective communication in today's economy is permission-based, not interruption-based. As such, quality is determined not by traditional business understanding of "excellence" but by how well it resonates in the ears of those who hear your message.


As I wrote in my first book, The Wired Church, creativity, media and communications are team sports. Don't try this alone. My goal is to come alongside you, give you the tools you need to improve, and then let you implement.


One of the most consistent frustrations I hear from pastors is the struggle to come up with good, practical ideas for preaching and worship. Creativity is the key. Rather than esoteric expresison, creativity is simply having original ideas with value. My goal is to help you tap into your own creative wells. 

Sermon Series Design Collaboration

As an optional part of my service, I can assist you with designing better sermon series.

As a pastor, you feel the burden of creating compelling and memorable sermons each week. Coming up with creative, energetic imagery that resonates with your congregation every single week can be an alone and lonely responsibility. But what if you had a storyteller companion, a seminary-trained, professional communicator and creative director who is trained in the mediums of the age? 

I have designed sermon series with preachers for over 20 years, including Michael Slaughter, Leonard Sweet, Adam Hamilton, and more, and I do weekly worship series design and development as part of my work as Creative and Communication Director at St. Andrew, a United Methodist congregation in Plano, Texas that worships over 2000 every weekend.

My approach is to be generous with ideas and collaborative in design, and my goal is to equip you as a preacher with the ideas, images, and themes you need to easily write weekly sermons that communicate the gospel with power and clarity. 

Contact me if you have an interest in learning more.

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