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On Creativity

How to Get Unstuck and Make Something Important – A garage used to be a metaphor for our innovation. Now it’s a final resting place for our consumerism. What happened to our creativity?

How to Gain Self Confidence as a Creative – Successful creatives have a distinctive style. How do you learn to find your version?

One of the Worst Demons of Creativity – To separate what I think I am supposed to say versus what I want to say is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Five Ways to Crush a Creative Spirit – To totally ruin your creative person’s morale and drive to succeed, simply employ these five simple techniques.

Five Tips on Critiquing Creatives – Getting the best results from your co-creators requires an artful approach to critique and encouragement.

Do You Make This Crucial Creativity Mistake? – The purpose of creativity isn’t illustration, as humor, interlude, or a setup to “the real point.”

Craft – The key for any artist is to master both craft and spirit in order to let the essential truth emerge.


On Design and Communications

7 Secrets To Gain a Following For Your Big Idea – Advertise the fruit, not the seed.

Why Design is Essential to Effective Communication – Most dismiss design as the icing of a core object or idea. That’s a mistake.

The Epiphany That Saved Apple and How it Can Help You – The discovery that altered Apple’s communication, and how we can learn from it as we craft our messages.

Think Different: How to Craft a More Creative Message – A key to a more creative message is learnable; it lies with a different kind of thinking.

There Are Only Seven Stories in the World – A look at the basic narrative archetypes.


On Worship Arts

The Unnecessary Tragedy of Artists and the Church – A tribute to a friend and a call for the church universal to understand the soul of the artist.

Why Most Visual Art in Worship Isn’t Really Art – Don’t confuse art and design. Each employs a different worldview. Designers create solutions. Artists create questions.

The State of Visual Arts in Worship and What Comes Next – Can we do more in the visual arts in worship than blobs and a brand?

Three Ways To Use Images in Worship Like a True Artist – An exploration of the three types of images in worship visual arts.

10 Common Questions About Using Screens in Worship, Part 1

10 Common Questions About Using Screens in Worship, Part 2 – These are the basic concepts that everyone needs to know in order to use screens more effectively in worship. Consider this a crash course on screen use in your church.

Why Art is Important in the Life of Faith – To ignore the role of art in the life of faith is to miss out on a crucial part of what it means to follow Jesus.

Why Creatives Aren’t Thriving At Your Church – Do church creatives burn out and leave your church? Storytelling is equal parts the practice of storytelling, and creating an environment for storytelling.

4 Models for the Creative Arts in Church – There are four different models for how churches approach what is commonly called the creative arts. I list them here in increasing order of artistry and effectiveness.

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